Rambhai Barni of the building

Rambhai Barni of the building.

In 2514 the Department of Public Works for the construction of reinforced concrete L - shape (the L) 6 floor (6th floor deck) conservation area behind the building. To support the expansion of the office of the Public Works Department in 2543 created a new office area, Rama 6 Road and move agencies. To a new office
In 2544, King Prajadhipok's Institute has been given the right to lease the building and the conservation area. Department of Public Works of the Crown Property Bureau. To improve the museum and King Rama VII. Museum of politics King Prajadhipok's Institute to discuss with the Secretariat of the House of Representatives. And the Cabinet Secretariat to establish a museum together. Both agencies agree to such an idea. Therefore, this proposed meeting of the Council of King Prajadhipok's Institute on November 4, 2545 the Council of the Institute. Has given its approval, so on March 17, 2546, King Prajadhipok's Institute has organized a meeting between the three agencies to allocate occupy such buildings. Then on July 30, 2546, the three agencies signed a memorandum on the joint space. The concept and essence as follows.
“...King Prajadhipok's Institute Cabinet Secretariat And the Secretariat of Parliament Recognizing the importance of disseminating knowledge of the political regime. Democracy to the People Through various media and formats. The democratic system with the King as Head of State is solidarity king and sustainable agencies and 3rd parties have agreed to use the 5 - storey building ... make this area a museum related to politics. This will be beneficial to Thailand's visitors can visit and study. Knowledge from museums all 3 at the same place ... the King Prajadhipok's Institute, a proposed budget to design a renovation 5 - storey building to develop a museum together ... by the Cabinet Secretariat and the Council Secretariat. Representatives will support…”
Building Design
Mr. Dejo Savanananda Council of King Prajadhipok Museum and chairman of the board of King cover. IV, while it saw. The idea is to use this area to establish a museum. It is important and beneficial to the society especially. This has led to the museum's board of directors on August 19, 2546, the Meeting resolved to appoint. "The subcommittee controls designed to make building improvements Museum" by Dr. Surat Vich General Prof. Michel ghost chaired committees that are responsible for giving instructions to prepare a detailed design. The museum inside and out Including the introduction of amendments designed to correct.
Form and function
A 6 - storey modern building by the addition of an external nature are in harmony with His Majesty King Museum. VII, which is a historical building.
  • Tier 1 data center KPI study. A security guard and parking.
  • 2nd - 4 th floor  Exhibition on the development of Thai politics and government   King Prajadhipok Studies Center   
  • 5th Floor Museum, King Rama VII. And meeting
  • 6 meeting rooms and lounges.
The royal minders to invite the title "Ramphai ni" is the name of the building.
When the renovation of the building is nearing completion. Museum board Discussions about the name, building and opening of the building. In honor of Queen Rambhai Barni Queen of the reign of King Prajadhipok's Institute at 7, so it's a royal minders King's invitation.
The title "Ramphai ni" is building a museum to museum, with buildings of King Prajadhipok and royal permission to use the building's renovation."Rambhai Barni Building," according to a royal minders in this KPI is respectfully invited HRH Princess Sirindhorn's. Chakri Sirindhorn presided over the opening of Rambhai Barni and museums. Exhibit Building 2 on January 9, 2551.